January 20th, 2007

We spent a good part of the holidays working through all the great errata requests we have received, and the list is finally ready for publishing.

Thanks to everybody who have taken the time to point out corrections, we really appreciate it. Keep’em coming!

5 Responses to “Errata”

  1. Sean Says:

    Has the PDF been updated? When will the paper version contain these corrections?

  2. Jarkko Laine Says:

    The PDF should be updated already and the second printing should arrive in shops either in late February or early March. I can’t give an exact timeframe, though.

  3. Janne Says:

    I’m considering purchasing your book and I’m wondering: a) Does the second printing you mentioned include Rails 1.2 specifics? b) How do I know if the Apress PDF item is already updated?

  4. Victor Cosby Says:

    Any chance for those of us who already bought the first edition of the PDF to get an update with the fixes? The Pragmatic Programmer’s offer this service and it is an excellent feature.

  5. Jarkko Laine Says:

    Victor: I agree PragProg’s eBook system is excellent. I wish Apress’s system would have the same agility but I’m afraid it doesn’t. I’ll ask though.

    Janne: Nope, Rails 1.2 specific would mean a completely new revision of the book. However, bascically everything in the first revision will work in 1.2 as well. Everything that doesn’t is of course brought into errata and further printings.

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